Minister Taf was born and raised in a rough community called Duanvale, in the parish of Trelawny, Jamaica where life wasn’t easy for him and his family. He saw them struggled a lot, and working hard to send him and his little sister to school where they both graduated with CXC’s/GCSE’s subjects. There were nights upon nights when he would go to bed without food, and at one point, the landlord came knocking on the door in the middle of the night wanting to evict them. It was so rough, that he also had to use bath pans to put on his bed when the rain fell, for the roof would leak. This had brought tears to his eyes many times living that life. While going to evening class on a Saturday studying the subject accounts, he only had one pair of trainers, one Jeans and t-shirt, and that’s what he had to wear to that class. Minister Taf had an argument with a classmate during that time where that person told him (Gweh, yuh likkle one pants bwoy!) that he should go away as he only had one Jeans. It was like a dagger to his heart, he really felt ashamed, but held his head up and managed to get a C in his final exam (Accounts). Life got more sad for Minister Taf as he lost his dad in the year of 2007 that really left him heart broken. Everything was now on his shoulders and his sister.

Minister Taf and his friend Delano used to write music for fun and recorded themselves on a tape recorder, but never saw music as a gift as he was very talented at football where he played for several football/soccer clubs including playing in the National Premiere League in Jamaica at the Under 21 level, as well as going on trials to represent Jamaica at the Under 17 level, and winning medals and trophies with Duanvale Fc. He’s a huge fan of Hip Hop, and his favourite artiste was Tupac. He first performed the whole of 112’s song “Peaches & Cream” on stage at a concert when he was about 14yrs old. He listened to many more rappers, such as Eminem, Nas, The Game, Biggie Smalls and many more.

He has came close to death a few times, but God kept him alive because he believes He has a plan for his life. On a Sunday, Minister Taf and a few more church members was travelling from church in Jamaica where one of the car tyre blew out and went straight into a wall, the car was written off completely, and he came out without a scratch. One of his friend dad got shot and died in his car, and the fact that they were always at that spot in the car or standing by it, and for some reason, they weren't there that night, they were at the game arcade. He does not believe that was a coincidence, He believed that was God protecting them.

There was a void in his life, he used to do a lot of wrong stuff trying to find satisfaction to fill that void, like womanising, partying and trying to be someone he was not, but all those satisfaction was temporary. God placed a wonderful woman in his life, and he then migrated to the United Kingdom in the year 2009 where he found old friends and start to live this life of partying all over again. It then struck him that he wasn’t happy. He then gave his life to Christ in the year 2010, and that’s when he experienced permanent satisfaction, and that void was filled. He then started to evangelised, to make a difference in people's lives, for a lot of them are in the same situation that he was.

In the year 2012, God used the youth choir of the United Grace Church to help highlight the gift He has deposited into Minister Taf by helping him write a verse to a song titled “Put Your Trust In God” which was warmly received by many. That was the beginning, he then released an EP titled "God Is Awesome," which has touched the lives of many, and gotten good reviews, praise be to God. He followed that up with a mixtape titled “God Is Awesome – The Mixtape” in which he had been interviewed on a few radio stations here in the UK as well as going on tour within the UK. The mixtape as done pretty well praise be to God, getting airplays by radio stations and Dj’s while getting good reviews. He has performed on the same stage with International gospel artiste Dwayne Tryumf, Dj Nicholas, Jason Mighty, and MOBO winning artistes Guvna B and Triple O. He has also been interviewed by the MOBO awards by author Steve Alexander Smith.